Vans x Brooks England: Boot, Saddle, Bag

by editors on December 5, 2016


Brooks England is celebrating their 150th anniversary while Vans is celebrating their 50th anniversary, so why not get together on a four-piece collaboration featuring artwork by Taka Hayashi.

The Brooks x Vault by Vans partnership presents laser-etched artwork from designer Taka Hayashi across the TH OG Sk8-Hi LX and TH OG Classic Slip-On LX. Hayashi’s imagery and intricate detailing extends from footwear into a deluxe set of Brooks Accessories consisting of the Barbican Shoulder Bag and Swift Brooks Saddle.

Looks pretty smooth, right? The collection is available for purchase now at select stockists across the globe. For more information about visit or Follow the jump for more detailed photos.

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686 + Cadence = Warm & Dry Winters

by editors on November 1, 2016

LA based 686 snowboarding clothing company got together with LA based cycling clothing company Cadence for a match made in winter.

Life on the bike. From the realities of commuting to and from work to the euphoria of a bike packing escape. Each step empowered by ones own physical ability. We are only limited by what we push ourselves to try. Fail or succeed it is the journey that is the ultimate destination. . . Propelled further forward with the Cadence x 686 Insulator and 3L rain jacket. Built for lifestyle cycling.

[Link: 686 X Cadence]


The All New Spooky From Sockguy

by editors on October 4, 2016


It’s October so that means Sockguy has their latest version of their annual spooky socks up on the website for a limited time. What better way to sock out Spookycross? To grab a couple pairs, click the link.

[Link: Sockguy]


Garmin Fancies Up With fēnix Chronos

by editors on August 26, 2016


Garmin’s top-of-the-line multi-sport watch the fēnix 3 just got a high fashion sibling that looks more a Breitling Chronliner and less like a bloated Forerunner. Sure, the new fēnix Chronos still does all the cycling things that the fenix does. It can pair with your ANT+ power meter, cadence/speed sensors, and heart rate monitor and upload it live to Strava (when paired with a smartphone). It also keeps track of routes,compassing, altimeter, and temperature changes, but this one comes in titanium, steel, and steel with a vintange leather band.

“High-end design meets top-tier performance with fēnix Chronos,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “With luxurious materials and trusted Garmin multisport technology, fēnix Chronos is a necessary timepiece for anyone who wants to remain stylish through all of life’s adventures – whether its hiking through mountains, training for a race, or heading to a formal event.”

As you might have guessed all this fancy comes at a price. The fēnix Chronos titanium with titanium band will cost $1,500 (more than twice the cost of the previous top of the line fēnix 3); fēnix Chronos steel with stainless steel band $1000; and fēnix Chronos steel with leather band will cost $900. The price does include a silicone sport band for when you want to get it sweaty.

We’ve called the fēnix 3 one of the best bike computers you can wear on your wrist, and Chronos looks even better. For the official word from Garmin, follow the jump.

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Vans Adds to Pro Classics Collection

by editors on June 15, 2016


In celebration of their 50th Anniversary Vans is dropping their second installment of their Classics Anniversary Collection which this time includes a couple tributes to some of Vans’ best BMX team members.

With tribute releases inspired by freestyle BMX pioneer Eddie Fiola and cherished BMX innovator Dennis McCoy, the fall assortment upholds Vans’ unwavering support of the BMX sport, and aptly coincides with the release of Vans’ first full-length BMX film, Illustrated—available now on iTunes.

Which reminds us — it’s about time we all watched Rad again, isn’t it? For the official word from Vans, please follow the jump.

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Greg Minnaar On Oakley’s Prizm Trail

by editors on June 14, 2016

Few riders have to worry about rocks and roots coming at them at the same speed they rocket into World Downhill Champ Greg Minnaar’s field of view, but Oakley’s Prizm lens will still make it better.

A three-time mountain bike downhill champion, Greg Minnaar has built a career on assessing and reacting to every detail that comes his way. When he misses a detail, the South African can’t perform at the highest level. Whether it’s a root on the trail or the suspension on his bike, the tiniest details can have the greatest outcome. Minnaar talks about all those minute details while letting loose on his bike on the trails around Santa Cruz, Calif.

And yes, that is Minnar in Santa Cruz. Click the link for more Oakley’s Prizm Lens Technology.

[Link: Oakley]


Garmin Brings Strava Suffer Scores

by editors on May 11, 2016


Garmin just added a new “do pretty much everything” GPS watch to their fitness line up that comes in a smaller, lighter, sleeker package than their top of the line fenix 3 (the watch André Greipel wears while winning Giro sprints). The watch is an update of their Forerunner named the 735XT.

“The Forerunner 735XT is the ultimate GPS smartwatch for athletes who want dialed-in data for training and race day,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “It offers comprehensive data for all of their activities, keeps them connected with smart features including notifications and automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, and lets them customize their device to fit their needs with Connect IQ’s free apps, data fields and more.”

But the coolest feature of this watch is a live suffer score right there on your wrist.

The Forerunner 735XT is Connect IQ compatible and is the first device to come with the Strava Live Suffer Score app pre-installed. Suffer Score is based on users’ heart rate and tells them how hard they’ve been working. So whether a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, if their heart is working hard they can rack up a high score.

So there, knock yourself out and then show your friends. For the official word from Garmin, please follow the jump.
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Rudy Project Launches Anti-Grav Helmet

by editors on April 1, 2016


Don’t worry about weighing your helmet any longer. Rudy Project has announced today )(April 1, 2016) a helmet that will actually take 20 grams off your total weight on the road. It’s called the Wing57 Anti-Grav.

While the new Wing57 Anti-Grav technically still has a mass of 300 grams, Rudy Project’s findings enabled engineers to inject gravity repelling particles into the helmet structure. The result is a net weight of negative 20 grams here on Earth, not enough to uncomfortably tug on the chin strap, but enough that users must ensure their helmet is securely stored when not in use.

For the official word from Rudy Project, please follow the jump.

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Thorfinn-Sassquatch Unmasked

by editors on March 30, 2016


Former Bicycling Magazine Editor-In-Chief Peter Flax delivers one of the most intriguing cycling stories we’ve read in a while. Yes, the post includes that boring doping topic, but it also blends in mystery, art, crime, fashion, masters racing, and Strava KOMs. What more can you ask for in a cycling story, really? Here’s the kicker from

What do a plea deal in federal court, a SoCal Strava legend, urban street crits, and $400 bib shorts have in common? All of them swirl around a rider who likes to call himself Thorfinn-Sassquatch. Here are 13 ways of looking at his strange story.

For all 13 angles, please click the link.

[Link: CyclingTips]


John Cardiel Park Raging To Yosemite

by editors on March 15, 2016

NorCal skate (and fixie) legend John Cardiel decided he’d ride from his home in SacTown, California and bring along the Official crew for the ride. Watching those beer’d up smokers hit the Old Priest Grade climb on touring bikes had us chuckling for minutes. For more on Cardiel’s Park Rager (which is currently sold out) click the link.

[Link: Official]