Oakley Rolls Out Helmets and Kits

by editors on August 30, 2017

Oakley has always made great performance eyewear for doing almost anything, but in cycling eyewear was about as far as they went. Today that’s changed as the company announced full “head-to-ankle” coverage for cyclists. The new line includes kits, socks, gloves and a complete line of boss looking helmets including this AERO5 Redline featuring MIPS technology.

“Two wheels are in Oakley’s DNA. We began with a grip, and we have expanded since,” said Olaf Dunz, Global Marketing Director at Oakley. “Applying what the brand has learned in eyewear – from protection from the elements to optimized aerodynamics – we are now diving deeper into cycling with the same goal we started with: optimize rider interaction with the world around them and improve performance.”

We’re looking forward to checking it all out in more detail. For all the official details from Oakley, including a look at their appropriately all black kits, follow the jump.

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LeoGrande Gets 8-Year Sanction

by editors on August 29, 2017

We never can pass up a good SoCal masters cycling doping story and this one is great because it’s everyone’s second time around.  . . deja vu.

Back in 2007 Upland, California road racer Kayle LeoGrande, 40, was pinged for using EPO while racing in The Point Premium Root Beer International Cycling Classic. For this rule violation LeoGrande was given a two-year suspension.

Now, 10 years later, LeoGrande was tested following his win in the 35+ race at The 2017 Dana Point Grand Prix and according to the USA Cycling his urine ratted out a pharmacy of banned substances including: raloxifene, ostarine, ibutamoren, GW1516 sulfone, RAD140, LGD4033, and andarine. Because of this he was given an 8-year suspension. But hey, he’s only 40 and eight years gives him plenty of time to train for another national crit title in 2025, right? He can come back again, for sure.

For the official word from the USAC, follow the jump. For some unofficial coverage on the whole thing from Cycling The South Bay, click here. The later is far more entertaining, than the former.

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So You Wanna Start A Bike Company. . .

by editors on July 12, 2017

Who hasn’t wanted to start a bike company. Tom Richey did it. So did Mike Sinyard. And after Benno Baenziger and Jeano Erforth co-founded Electra in 1993 we thought to ourselves, how hard can this be, really. Well, before we could even answer the question the guys from Pinkbike did it for us. Click the arrow and see just how it went.


iShoxs Brings Cam Mounts to USA

by editors on June 14, 2017

iShoxs, the German manufacturer of seriously burly looking action cam mounts and accessories is brining their products to the USA and will begin shipping product this month (June 2017).

iShoxs high-end mounts are designed to clamp, stick or latch onto all different types of outdoor gear and endure the extreme conditions outdoor athletes can encounter on a daily basis. All iShoxs components and accessories are designed to integrate with one another, allowing users to mount any POV camera in different configurations to create unique perspectives and standout footage.

For the official word from iShoxs, please follow the jump, or click here for their website.

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Phil Gaimon’s Worst Retirement #4

by editors on June 9, 2017

Yes, he’s still at it and it’s still the worst. But watching Phil Gaimon suffer does seem a bit addicting doesn’t it? We’re hooked.


Four By 3000: The RAAM Documentary

by editors on May 30, 2017

In June 2016 cyclists Kurt Broadhag, Chris DeMarchi, Phil Tinstman, and Tony Restuccia set out to race across America in the 2016 edition of the RAAM. In addition to racing, they wanted to document the race with a film. They did just that. The film is titled Four By 3000: A Journey Through The Toughest Bike Race In The World.

Four by 3000 offers an unprecedented look into the interworking of the Race Across America. Shot in stunning 4k filmmakers captured the drama following the team set in front of the most amazing scenery found across the U.S. The film opens with a brief description of the year long process that goes into competing in RAAM and immediately moves into the action.

The race is over, the film was shot and edited, but the Team Working Nation crew wants to maximize the marketing of their film so they’ve turned to Kickstarter. Their hope is to get the film seen outside of cycling. If this is something you’d like to support, please Click here for their Kickstarter page, or follow the jump for the official word.

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Phil Gaimon’s Worst Retirement Ever #3

by editors on May 24, 2017

No matter how you feel about Phil Gaimon and/or his whole cookie thing, his hunt for Strava climb KOMs is entertaining. We may not like his Palomar Mountain attempt because Gaimon doesn’t like Chris Horner and we do, but the series is funny, informative, and Gaimony. Watch this one and then watch the first two. We’ll keep updating them.


Mammoth Bike Park Passes On Sale

by editors on May 23, 2017

Now that Mammoth Mountain and Snow Summit are in the same family there are two options for SoCal mountain bikers looking to spend some time riding the lifts this summer. Bike park passes are on sale now for $299 for Mammoth or $399 for full summer access to Mammoth and Snow Summit. If you’re down, act now because these prices only good until June 5, 2017. Summit’s bike park opens May 26 and Mammoth says they’ll start rolling on June 23, 2017 (they have a bit more snow to deal with). For all the details, click the link.

[Link: Mammoth Mountain]


Tour de Pharmacy Junk Show

by editors on May 22, 2017

Wow. After watching this clip from HBO’s Tour De Pharmacy we really wonder if we’ll be able to make it though this film with any laughs at all. Seeing the BLOAT (biggest liar of all time) try to joke his way out his disgracing his sport is probably the most painful part. Yes, cyclists take themselves way too seriously, but this just looks like a junk show phoned in by everyone involved. Makes us wonder if there are any laughs in the movie? The BLOAT’s final line in the trailer likely sums it up well, “This is not good.”


Sagan Takes Amgen ToC Sprinter Jersey

by editors on May 20, 2017

From the stage profile, the final stage of the Tour of California looked as though it were tailor-made for a fast finale, with a long descent into Pasadena giving the sprinters every chance to pull back any breaks that might have formed. However, as the finish drew close it was clear that the break would take the victory for the second time in this year’s edition, with a group of five frustrating the fast men. In spite of this, UCI World Champion confirmed his win in the points contest, while Rafał Majka fought off multiple attacks to defend his second position in the GC.

For the rest of the Amgen Tour of California wrap up according to Bora hansgrohe, please follow the jump.

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