John Tomac Talks Story

by editors on October 10, 2017

We had the privilege of riding, hanging out, and guiding John Tomac around the Eastern Sierra for a week during the summer of 1987. It was at the height of the Tomac vs. Overend MTB era and we kind of expected John to be a dick. Turned out he was nice, kind, and didn’t even laugh when we apologized for not being able to keep up on a ride. After watching this video it’s nice to see that not much has changed. Our favorite line:

The problem was the whole performance enhancing drug thing kind of bled over into cross country mountain biking and we [American XC racers] came off the radar in the 90s,” Tomac says. “And it wasn’t because we forgot how to ride mountain bikes in America. . .I don’t think the athletes in cross country mountain biking in the US ever bought into the whole doping program. They just didn’t do it.”

That’s the word kids. Thanks to Bell Helmets for letting Johnny T. tell this story himself.

[Link via VitalMTB]


Pivot Updates Mach 6 Carbon

by editors on October 4, 2017

Pivot’s  Mach 6 Carbon got an update. The new version is longer, lower and according to Pivot “sets a new benchmark for enduro / aggressive trail bikes.”

The new design benefits directly from Pivot’s extensive gravity design experience ­– the perfect combination of progressive geometry and uncompromising pedaling capability – making it the right choice for dropping into black-diamond terrain and hitting technical features at race pace. From peak to podium, the Mach 6 Carbon is enduro performance, redefined.

For all the details, click the link.

[Link: Pivot Cycles]


So You Wanna Start A Bike Company. . .

by editors on July 12, 2017

Who hasn’t wanted to start a bike company. Tom Richey did it. So did Mike Sinyard. And after Benno Baenziger and Jeano Erforth co-founded Electra in 1993 we thought to ourselves, how hard can this be, really. Well, before we could even answer the question the guys from Pinkbike did it for us. Click the arrow and see just how it went.


Phil Gaimon’s Worst Retirement #4

by editors on June 9, 2017

Yes, he’s still at it and it’s still the worst. But watching Phil Gaimon suffer does seem a bit addicting doesn’t it? We’re hooked.


Phil Gaimon’s Worst Retirement Ever #3

by editors on May 24, 2017

No matter how you feel about Phil Gaimon and/or his whole cookie thing, his hunt for Strava climb KOMs is entertaining. We may not like his Palomar Mountain attempt because Gaimon doesn’t like Chris Horner and we do, but the series is funny, informative, and Gaimony. Watch this one and then watch the first two. We’ll keep updating them.


Tour de Pharmacy Junk Show

by editors on May 22, 2017

Wow. After watching this clip from HBO’s Tour De Pharmacy we really wonder if we’ll be able to make it though this film with any laughs at all. Seeing the BLOAT (biggest liar of all time) try to joke his way out his disgracing his sport is probably the most painful part. Yes, cyclists take themselves way too seriously, but this just looks like a junk show phoned in by everyone involved. Makes us wonder if there are any laughs in the movie? The BLOAT’s final line in the trailer likely sums it up well, “This is not good.”


Pivot’s New Mach 5.5 Carbon

by editors on May 18, 2017

Pivot’s new Mach 5.5 Carbon looks pretty nice. . . if you like 27.5 trail bikes.

The New Mach 5.5 Carbon builds on the legacy of our renowned Mach 5.7 Carbon as the quintessential trail bike. With 140mm of dw-link™ rear travel, it sticks to and claws up just about anything, with unparalleled pedaling efficiency. On descents, the Mach 5.5 Carbon’s incredible square edge bump performance and 160mm travel Fox 36 fork enables you to conquer terrain that makes other bikes cower. It’s a bike that inspires you to climb while looking forward to the descents and that begs you to push your limits while putting a smile on your face.

Click the link fore all the info.

[Link: Pivot Bicycles]


The Unstoppable Toms Skujiņš

by editors on May 16, 2017

Near the end of stage 2 of the 2017 Amgen Tour of California (May 15, 2017), while riding in a five-man break, Toms Skujiņš apparently got caught up in a crack in the pavement that pulled his front wheel out from under him causing him to go down hard. Clearly knocked silly, he should never have been allowed to get back on his bike. We always knew Toms was a machine, we just didn’t know that his programming was so dedicated to getting on down the road. We will miss him on the rest of the tour, but mostly we’re glad he’s still alive.

Cycling Tips: Was it the neutral support’s responsibility to stop Toms?
Cycling News
Telegraph UK


Peter Sagan vs Race Reporter Ruby

by editors on May 14, 2017

On the eve of the Amgen Tour of California Peto Sagan and Race Reporter Ruby face off in an awkward, accent-fueled battle of cuteness. Who is the winner? We’re guessing it’s Specialized.


Mountain Biker vs. Slovakian Bear

by editors on May 9, 2017

. . . and we mean a real live bear. . .as if you’d aren’t one of the 1.8 million people who have already watched this. Yes, there is a population of close to 1,000 wild brown bears in Slovakia. And safety is an issue.