Airsupply Makes Your Seatpost A Pump

by editors on February 9, 2016

Sometimes, the solution is more complex than the problem. While having a bike pump inside your seatpost is an interesting option if your main intention is riding around and pumping up other people flats, we’re wondering if the engineer behind Airsupply by remobic has ever seen how compact, affordable, and efficient a CO2 cartridge is?

He knows Michael Lang, the founder of the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair, so he’s got that going for him. If you’d like to help, please click the link.

[Link: Kickstarter]


Of Course We All Want One Of These

by editors on February 1, 2016


It looks so clean, smooth, and powerful. It’s like a Ferrari for your seat-tube. But what in heaven’s name is it doing on a 3x. With a motor like that we’d just ride a 55×11 and call it a day.

[Link: Gizmodo]


The Sufferfest Adds Two New Videos

by editors on February 1, 2016

Just when you thought the suffering might ebb, the minds behind The Sufferfest training videos have added two more edits their collection of over 20 different flavors of pain. The new videos are Power Station and The Way Out.

The Sufferfest’s newest workouts feature officially licensed footage from the Milan-San Remo, Tirenno-Adriatico, on-bike camera footage from the Giro d’Italia, and scenic routes from The Col Collective across the French and Italian Alps. . . .The workouts were designed by elite Coach Neal Henderson of Apex Coaching and BMC racing, and are available via download from or streaming app. Both videos are currently showing at more than 90 officially licensed Sufferlandrian Embassies around the world. The 50-minute Power Station video is focused on developing muscular endurance through a series of low-cadence, high-intensity intervals, and is also included in this year’s Tour of Sufferlandria.

For the official word from Sufferfest, please follow the jump.

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Femke Van den Driessche Cries & Denies

by editors on January 31, 2016

We don’t speak a word of Dutch, but let us translate for Famke anyway: “I have no idea how that bike got in with my race bikes. It is not my bike, I had no idea it was there and I have never ridden a bike like that in a race nor would I ever. Someone must have set me up. Everyone knows I would never do something like put a motor in my bike just to win a silly little race like the world championships.”


2016 Belgian Waffle Registration Open

by editors on January 15, 2016


Now is your chance to register for one of he hardest rides in the United States: The Belgian Waffle Ride. Click here to register.

So go ahead, BTFU, and take on the 144 miles, 11,000 feet of climbing, and 40 miles of pave like surfaces with the click of a button. If those stats make you shiver in your syrup, you can always choose the shorter yet equally difficult version instead, the Belgian Wafer Ride.

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Electra Updates Electric Townie Go!

by editors on January 13, 2016


Electra, the Encinitas, California based company that reinvented the beach cruiser bike market is updating their Townie Go! electric bicycle with help from Bosch.

The upgraded model features the legendary quality of the Bosch Performance Line mid-motor eBike system and a Shimano 8-speed internal gear hub that allows the rider to adjust their cadence based on speed. Handling better with a lower center of gravity, the Townie Go! 8i provides a smooth, comfortable ride with a wider range of power support. Whether the bike is being used for commuting or for fun, Electra’s new and improved battery-powered, electric-assist bike will keep riders moving without breaking a sweat.

If only that battery pack didn’t look like such a janky add-on. Almost like the old version with the battery on the rack, better. For all the official details, follow the jump.

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Patagonia’s Sea Ramble Group Rides

by editors on January 5, 2016

BikeToSurfThe Patagonia retail store in Cardiff, California it hooking people up on a Sunday morning group ride called the Sea Ramble Rides.

Join us for weekly Sea Rambler bike rides—casual 10-mile group rides through Cardiff and Encinitas that consist of paved roads and a few dirt trails. All levels of riders are welcome. No one gets left behind! Helmets are required and those under 18 years of age will need a guardian’s signature on the bike waiver. This event is free.

The Patagonia Cardiff store is located at 2185 San Elijo Ave in Cardiff, California.


Garmin Launches Varia Heads Up Display

by editors on January 5, 2016

Garmin’s just announced Varia Vision takes all their cycling metrics and puts them right in your face on a heads up display.

We have a vision for a safer riding environment for every cyclist. A world where cyclists can keep their focus up while staying aware of their stats and surroundings. It’s one more way we’re helping you be better than you were the day before.

Still not sure we like having anything that distracting right in front of our eyes and blocking a third of one eye’s vision, but we’ve not ridden with it.


America’s 10 Best New Bike Lanes

by editors on December 17, 2015


People for Bikes has a new list of the 10 Best New Bike Lanes and one of them is even in California, two are west of the Rockies, and the rest are somewhere out East. For all the details, follow the jump.

[Link: People For Bikes]


Danny MacAskill vs. Grand Canaria

by editors on December 10, 2015

Danny MacAskill jumps through people’s yards, rides on their roofs, head dips through their laundry, and generally treats this picturesque city as his own private bike park. Sure, it’s insanely brain-scrambling footage for GoPro and the colored cow, and he is a wizard on wheels, but it also seems like it could be a bit annoying for the people who actually live in Grand Canaria. Then again, from the looks of the video nobody was home anyway.

[Link via VeloNews]