November 2012

Rudolf The Red-Nosed Bike Car

by editors on November 30, 2012


German crazy bike designer and Grand Tour devil Didi Senft has created another human powered rolling masterpiece just in time for Christmas. Epic holiday madness from the master.

[Link: NBC News]


Get Wall Racked With Turnstone

by editors on November 28, 2012

Bivi Bike HookWe all have loads of gear. Take one look around the garage or office of any cyclist and you’ll find a pile of equipment. We’ve all got solutions to tame the clutter, but few of them look as good as Turnstone’s new Limited-Edition Bivi Bike Hook.

A division of SteelCase, Turnstone offers sustainable designed, modular and modern office furniture and accessories. The Bivi line encompasses everything from desks and privacy screens to desk chairs and couches. The bike hook is made to work congruently with the existing Bivi line, but it can also be mounted solo on a wall.

The bike hook features a hook and a tray that keeps those dirty street tires off the wall. Available in arctic white, platinum, tangerine, wasabi, and midnight metallic, this thing looks right at home next to pieces from George Nelson or Charles and Ray Eames. The rack has a $129 price tag, but for hose who appreciate good design the biggest problem may be in not buying the entire Bivi office suite to go with it.

[Link: Turnstone]


Pivot Mach429 Carbon Reviewed

by editors on November 16, 2012

Our favorite full suspension XC bike, the Pivot Mach429 Carbon gets a run through by the crew at and it would appear they agree with us.

There’s no doubt that one word outweighed all others during our test time on the 429C. Whoever was riding it attached every possible superlative (and a fair amount of swearing) to the basic bottom line of ‘stiff’. Load the pedals into a corner, shove the inboard tip of the bar towards the trail, flare the back end broadside and slam land it sideways. Whatever we did with it, the frame didn’t flinch an inch. . . Add a low bottom bracket and super smooth Fox Kashima fork and shock action, and this translates into phenomenal cornering accuracy and tenacity on the trail. The Pivot consistently carved through corners with an aggression that stretched our trust in the tyres to the limit.

Sounds like heaven for those soft XC riders who need a softer tail. For the rest of the review, click the link.

[Link: BikeRadar]


Greg LeMond & The Rapha Continental

by editors on November 15, 2012

The one and only time we interviewed Greg LeMond he was recovering from a turkey hunting accident. He wasn’t back on his bike yet. Ever since then we’ve wished we could just roll with him for a minute or too. But then, seriously, who hasn’t dreamed of rolling out of Carson City, Nevada and taking a spin up Monitor Pass with Greg LeMond? The Rapha crew did and they made a video. Nice of them.

[Link: Rapha]


XX1 Gets Mountain of Hell Treatment

by editors on November 15, 2012

We continue to be intrigued by the SRAM XX1. But is it the perfect drivetrain for Enduro? Watch and see.

[Link via VitalMTB]


Another Audi vs. Cyclist

by editors on November 15, 2012

What is it with Audi’s and assholes? Just last week we posted a video of an Audi driver purposefully trying to run a cyclist into the curb and now this from Mt. Prospect, Illinois and the Journal-Topics.

A Des Plaines man told Mt. Prospect police that he was riding on Busse Avenue at 7:08 p.m. Nov. 7 as he approached Albert Street. The bicyclist had head and tail lights on his bike, according to the police report. . . As he started to cross Albert, a Mt. Prospect man in an Audi allegedly disobeyed the stop sign and nearly struck the man on the bike. The bicyclist threw a cup of coffee at the man in the Audi in frustration, he told police. . . The Mt. Prospect man got out of the Audi and confronted the bicyclist, but retreated to his vehicle when he realized the other man was larger, according to the police report.

The two men then both called the police and waited for them to arrive. When they did, they did nothing and told both me to leave the scene. And we thought the biggest dicks on the road were behind the wheels of Ford F-150s.

[Link: Jounral-Topics]


All Hail The Wizard Staff Arm Warmers

by editors on November 14, 2012


These may be the funniest arm warmers ever. All Hail The Black Market says they’ll have their Wizard Staff Arm Warmers for sale this week. We’re guessing they will sell a few of them.


Mountain Bike Groper Pleads Guilty

by editors on November 9, 2012

What kind of man would roll around Washington DC on his mountain bike and grab women’s asses? Well, according to a story in the Washington Post, it is allegedly 31-year-old St. Regis Hotel worker Oscar Mauricio Cornejo-Pena.

The case attracted attention after photographer Liz Gorman went public after she was groped, sparking a discussion about women who are grabbed, stared at and worse as they walk along public streets. . . Gorman said she didn’t see her attacker’s face, and her case was not included in the charges filed upon Cornejo-Pena’s arrest. But other women gave police detailed and matching descriptions, including the suspect’s gray baseball hat with an Under Armour logo, black bike and green backpack.

Cornejo-Pena, who is reportedly “good looking, charming” and well studied guy, has plead guilty to four counts of misdemeanor sexual abuse. So remember ladies, the next time you hang out the side window of a speeding car to slap the ass of a handsome cyclist, you too could be going to jail.

[Link: Washington Post]

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Cross Country Mountain Fighters

by editors on November 8, 2012

Who said cross country racers were soft? In this clip the spandex clad cyclists of this event handled their mid-race disagreements like real men. Well, at least the guy who threw the punch did. After that it appears everyone returned to racing.

[Link: VitalMTB]


Former Cop Up For Assault On Cyclist

by editors on November 8, 2012

We’re have no intention of turning this site into a collection of bike harassment videos, but here’s one more. It has taken over a year for assault charges to be brought against the driver of the truck that takes out cyclist Evan Wilder in this video (action starts at 1:09). The driver, John Diehl, is a former Washington D.C, Police officer, according to a story on Go Bike Md.

The case languished for more than nine months after the collision, with no charges brought against the truck’s owner, John Diehl, because officials had been unable to serve a judicial summons on him. After being informed by a reporter of a bench warrant for his arrest in the case, Mr. Diehl turned himself in and was indicted last month on four criminal charges from the August 2011 incident.

The maximum penalty for the charges brought against Diehl are up to three years in jail and a $3,000 fine. Neither of which the man will likely receive but we sincerely hope his “genius ass” gets a good firm spanking.

[Editors’ Note: It appears that this may not be Mr. Diehl’s first time in the media spotlight or in court. According to the Washington Post in 1994 a Washintong DC police offer named John Diehl fired 11 bullets into the car of an unarmed driver, luckily killing no one.]

[Link: Go Bike Md and Washington Times]