Pivot Mach429 Carbon Reviewed

by editors on November 16, 2012

Our favorite full suspension XC bike, the Pivot Mach429 Carbon gets a run through by the crew at BikeRadar.com and it would appear they agree with us.

There’s no doubt that one word outweighed all others during our test time on the 429C. Whoever was riding it attached every possible superlative (and a fair amount of swearing) to the basic bottom line of ‘stiff’. Load the pedals into a corner, shove the inboard tip of the bar towards the trail, flare the back end broadside and slam land it sideways. Whatever we did with it, the frame didn’t flinch an inch. . . Add a low bottom bracket and super smooth Fox Kashima fork and shock action, and this translates into phenomenal cornering accuracy and tenacity on the trail. The Pivot consistently carved through corners with an aggression that stretched our trust in the tyres to the limit.

Sounds like heaven for those soft XC riders who need a softer tail. For the rest of the review, click the link.

[Link: BikeRadar]

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