Cyclist Hit & Killed By Truck In Montreal

by editors on September 27, 2012

7268506Montreal, Quebec, Canada Police are investigating the death of a cyclist who was run over by a truck at what has been described as a “dangerous intersection,” but rather than looking into why the truck ran Tyrell Sterling over, they have announced that the 18-year-old’s bike “did not have brakes,” according to a story in the Montreal Gazette.

Montreal police Inspector André Durocher confirmed that Tyrell’s bike did not have any brakes, but said they haven’t been able to determine whether that contributed to the accident. Tyrell was killed when he was run over by a truck near the Lachine Canal.

According to the Calgary Herald, Sterling was riding in a bike line last week when a truck made a right hand turn directly into him. We don’t know the intersection, and weren’t there, but we’d say the cause of the accident was the truck turning right directly in front him with no warning.

In an even crazier move the local government “briefly considered removing the bike path that runs over the bridge.” Now there’s a solution. Have bike safety issues? Remove the bike lane.

[Link: Montreal Gazette and Calgary Herald]

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