VeloNews & Bicycle Retailer Reunited

by editors on February 4, 2019

While we were messing around with news that Bike Magazine et. al. was being sold to American Media last Thursday we totally missed the other bicycle media story that went down on January 31, 2019. And that was this: Emerald Events, the owner of the “on hold” Interbike trade show has off-loaded Bicycle Retailer and Industry News to VeloNew’s parent company Pocket Outdoor Media, according to a story on VeloNews.

“Bringing BRAIN into Pocket Outdoor Media is a little piece of history coming full circle,” said Felix Magowan, chairman of Pocket Outdoor Media. “VeloNews helped establish BRAIN in 1992 and this acquisition means we will continue BRAIN’s legacy of authoritative industry coverage,” Magowan said.

Not exactly sure how this will go for Pocket as recent changes in the business landscape seem to suggest that there are neither bicycle retailers, nor bicycle media consumers in general, but good luck with that. Nice to know BRIAN (as they call it) will have a home with a company with at least a sentimental attachment to cycling. For the whole story, please click the link.

[Link: VeloNews]

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