Brooks Releases Precious Old Saddles

by editors on May 16, 2016


We’d like to think a little progress has been made in the last 150 years when it comes to bicycle saddles, but we know there are thousands of the cool kids who would argue with us. We’re guessing Brooks latest rerelease (in celebration of their 150th anniversary) is aimed right at their tattooed, mustachioed bums (yes, we said butt mustache).

The models available are the classic best-seller B17, its touring counterpart the Flyer, the B67 for city bikes, the B33 forheavy duty, and the Swallow for racing, all coming delivered in Special Edition packaging.

The saddles will be available online at or at Brooks dealers around the world. Get ’em while you can because we’re sure they’ll be gone in a minute.

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