Felton’s Mountain Biking vs. Wilderness

by editors on May 11, 2015


We’re not the biggest fans of major label bicycle magazine “columnists.” Their boring “had a great thought on my last ride” stories are dull, boring, redundant, say the same thing over and over, are repetitive, and terribly boring. That said, Bike Magazine’s “web monkey” Vernon Felton has pulled together a nice piece on the politics of riding bikes in “wilderness” areas. It’s too long (of course), but it covers most all the angles in the battle for wilderness access by mountain bikers. You should read it.

Here is Felton’s conclusion:

Screw this ban on mountain biking. If you feel the same way, let your representative in congress know about it. Speak up. You see, while I respect IMBA and the hell of a lot that they actually do for mountain biking, here is where I disagree with the organization: I think we mountain bikers have numbers on our side. I’m willing to wager that the vast majority of Americans, know nothing about this ban on mountain bikes and wouldn’t approve of it if they did. So be vocal. Push. That’s what worked for the people who got us kicked out of the wilderness in the first place. Let’s give it a try ourselves for a change.

Our position for years has been: if horses are allowed, we’re allowed. We ignore the signs. And so far that’s only resulted in occasional reprimands (even in Yosemite, gasp). But it would be nice if we could finally get the law on our side. . . for once.

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