Spring Kit Refresh: Aussie Edition

by editors on February 18, 2015

Five brands from the Land Down Under that will up your kit game

Photo courtesy of Black Sheep Cycling

Photo courtesy of Black Sheep Cycling


Australia may be best known for its unique animals and the Great Barrier Reef, but North American cyclists may be surprised to learn that it’s home to a multitude of small scale, fashion-driven bike apparel brands as well.

Maybe it’s the constant sunshine, temperate climate, and striking scenery, but Australian cyclists seem hellbent on wearing kits that stand out both on the road and while sipping an espresso.

Next time you find yourself bemoaning another day in your standby team kit, think about a refresh with a new kit from Pedal Mafia, Road And Dirt Apparel, Cream Cycling, STëLF Cycling, and Black Sheep Cycling. Follow the jump to see our favorites…

Pedal Mafia

Pedal Mafia's his and hers 'Miami Vice' kit. Photo courtesy of Pedalmafia.com

Photo courtesy of Pedalmafia.com


Now into their second season offering, the kits from Pedal Mafia will set you back $260 AUS (about $203 USD) for a bib and jersey. Though we were personally drawn in by season one’s “Chevy Chevron” design, we didn’t actually pull the trigger until season two was released. Check out the “Cobalt Indian” design, or the “Miami Vice” for the brand’s first women’s release. All kits are designed and made in Australia.


Road and Dirt Apparel

The Road And Dirt Apparel 8-bit Hero kit was available by pre-order only. Photo courtesy of RoadandDirtapparel.com.au

Photo courtesy of Road And Dirt Apparel


This brand popped into our Instagram feed one day, and after seeing the early shots of the Road And Dirt Apparel “8-bit Hero” kit we let them stay. Custom designed in Australia, but made in Italy, the  line focuses on bold, yet simple jersey designs that can be ordered without bibs. We suggest getting on the brand’s social media stream to stay in the loop on custom and limited release items like the 8-bit Hero pictured above.


Cream Cycling

Cream cycling's understated designs are perfect for days you want to roll undercover. Photo courtesy of creamcycling.myshopify.com

Photo courtesy of Cream Cycling


Call us suckers for a good font, but the understated kits from Cream Cycling are pretty rad, and are available thanks to the work of two cyclists from Perth, Australia.

Though selection is limited, the bibs and jerseys sets are sold for just $250 AUS. While the Alpha Ceti design (which is currently on sale) may be too good of a deal to pass up, the Cray is the one we’d shoulder if we decided to pony up the cash.


STëLF Cycling

When you want to roll STeLF, these kits will do. Photo courtesy of stelfcycling.com

Photo courtesy of STeLF Cycling


Designed in Australia and made in Italy, STëLF Cycling offers clean, yet bold pro-cut cycling designs for men. The brand ships worldwide and each kit costs $275 AUD. Check out the Pando or Loco for our personal favorites.


Black Sheep Cycling

The latest release from Black Sheep Cycling sold out in a matter of days. Photo courtesy of Black Sheep Cycling

Photo courtesy of Black Sheep Cycling


Made and designed in Australia, the semi-elusive Black Sheep Cycling kits are available for pre-order only during a limited release window. The newly released season two, which included two men’s and one women’s design, recently sold out in a matter of days. To get in on season three with exclusive pricing during the pre-release window we suggest ‘joining the movement’ on the company’s website.

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