Niki Terpstra Wins Paris-Roubaix

by editors on April 13, 2014


With 6.5 kilometers to go Niki Terpstra decided he didn’t want to ride with anyone else on the road to Roubaix and so he left some of the biggest names in Roubaix in the dust by 20 seconds and powered his way to the track, according to a story on Inrng.

As the group watched each other Terpsta went. What was more astonishing is that nobody went with him. In a lead group of 11 with three from the same team the moment the dominant squad goes everyone has to jump on otherwise it’s too late. But easy to say now, hard to do after 250km. So it was that Terpstra took five, 10 and then 15 seconds as behind Cancellara eased up, Sagan reached for a gel and Wiggins took a drink. Game over.

Seems that’s often how it’s done. Nice to see a new face on the top box.

[Link: Inrng]

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