Derringer’s Electric Bike Needs Kickstart

by editors on January 9, 2014

With only 12 days to go, Los Angeles’ Derringer Cycles is no where near reaching their Kickstarter goal of $75,000 for their new Derringer Electric. In fact, with 30 backers they’ve only raised $1,644. Which is strange, because these electric board track inspired powered bicycles look amazing.

At the heart of every Derringer Electric is a powerful lithium-ion (Li-NMC) battery. This safe, reliable chemistry allows for high current draw, has great energy density, and still provides a long lifetime of 1000 recharge cycles. Bikes are available with 37, 52, and 63-volt batteries, each with a 12.5 Ah capacity. Heritage and Signature Series bikes include a 4 Amp charger that can recharge a fully drained battery in three hours. Bespoke buyers get an upgraded 6 Amp charger that drops charging time to two hours.

Guess no one wants a really cool looking electric bike. Click the link for more info.

[Link: Derringer Cycles]

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