Chrome Truk Pro Stealth SPD Shoe

by editors on September 4, 2013

Trukpro Grey Hero Enlarge
Seems like half the MTBers in the world want to dress like they just walked out of a college English class: cords, nice shirt, and shoes that don’t even hint that they might be used for cycling (the horror). Chrome Industries, makers of some of the finest messenger bags and back packs has what might be the perfect shoe for closeted cyclists. The shoes are called the Truk Pro.

The Truk Pro is the latest and most innovative City SPD we make. It’s made to be worn all day, every day and features our new Flexplate™ technology for uncompromised pedal performance and walking comfort. Whether you’re a messenger running up flights of stairs and charging through traffic, or a committed commuter on your daily grind, our City SPDs are made to work on and off the bike.

Hey, and pretty much anything is better than riding flat pedals, right? The Truk Pro’s features their “dual density FlexPlate Technology” are for sale in the Chrome online store right now for $95.00. Check ’em.

[Link: Chrome]

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