Knog Brightens Up Road Ahead

by editors on March 4, 2013


Aside from their rubber straps repeatedly failing (and being replaced by our local bike shop), we’ve loved our Knog lights both front and rear. Now, we’re set to be even more stoked on the company a they announce their Blinder Road series of lights featuring 200 lumens of light up front and 70 for the rear.

According to a story on Road Cycling UK the lights feature the following:

The front light uses two Cree LEDs in separate lenses, one with a narrow, focussed 15° beam, and the other with a wider 22° beam to flood the road. That makes the Blinder Road visible at up to 1,000m, according to Knog, while the front light also uses a thermal management system which automatically regulates light output for optimum performance when the bike is stationary and in motion. The front light has four lighting modes, with a claimed battery life of one hour on the brightest mode and up to six hours in eco-flash mode.

Not sure what the US pricing is going to be but keep on the look out. These lights shine.

[Link: Knog via Road Cycling UK]

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