DC Rainmaker Garmin Edge 510 Review

by editors on January 7, 2013

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Our favorite cycling tech reviewer the DC Rainmaker has the complete and detailed rundown of Garmin newest Edge computer the Edge 510. It’s bigger, blacker, touchier, and best of all it features live smartphone integration (including Live tracking). Here’s his final word:

While the Edge 510 is an interesting differentiator compared to the Edge 500 – I feel that it’s a bit of a device without a clear market. At $75 to $125 more than the Edge 500, I’m not sure it’s bringing enough new features to the game. When you boil it all down, you’re essentially getting some basic cell phone connectivity and activity profiles. But, that’s at the cost of the unit being substantially bigger than the small and light Edge 500. . . At $75-$125 more, that means you could simply pickup a ANT+ adapter can get the same functionality for between $40 and $60 on your cell phone (from Garmin no less!). Now it is true that the tracking is free on the Edge 510 – unlike tracking with the Garmin Fit app which costs $5 a month. So over time that would add up. But there are plenty of apps out there with tracking for free.

But that’s just the tip of the tech review iceberg. Follow the jump for the straight skinny.

[Link: DC Rainmaker]

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