Will Lance Armstrong Confess Tomorrow?

by editors on October 18, 2012

Lance Armstrong 7.Jpg.Crop DisplayTomorrow (Friday, October 18, 2012), at the 15th Anniversary Livestrong Challenge fundraiser in Austin, Texas outlaw cyclist Lance Armstrong will reportedly make his “first public comments” since the USADA released its damning doping documents, according to a story in the Deccan Chronicle.

His speech on Friday will be witnessed by a nominally friendly crowd of Livestrong backers, with organizers releasing a video recording afterwards on YouTube — so there will be no tough questions about his fall from grace. . . Armstrong faces a speech before those who were his most inspired supporters, a group that might now be among those who feel the most betrayed to discover his spectacular feats were accomplished by doping.

During this speech Armstrong will have a choice: confess, apologize, and get on with his life, or once again ego up, play it off, and be forever damned in the face of the public as the biggest cheater the sporting world has ever encountered. Seems like a pretty simple choice to us, but then again, we thought it was a pretty simple choice back in August and Mr. Armstrong never fails to surprise us with his egoism.

[Link: Deccan Chronicle]

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