Lance Armstrong Ignores Reality Again

by editors on October 19, 2012

At the dinner for the opening of the 15th Annual Livestrong Challenge in Austin, Texas tonight (October 19, 2012), Lance Armstrong spoke to the gathered supporters. Like all of the sponsors who dropped him in the past week, Armstrong remained committed to Livestrong. He said that “The mission absolutely must go on. . . we will not be deterred.”

Armstrong’s only slight nod to the USADA report and ensuing media storm was when he reminded everyone of something Martin Luther King said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” When he added that the people on the stage behind him had “infinite hope”, it was hard not to chuckle. They obviously have blinding, infinite hope or they would realize their entire organization is built on lies. Which must be hard to come to terms with.

What Mr. Armstrong appears to have skipped was directly mentioning anything to do with what the entire world is talking bout. Offering up further proof that he will never come to terms with reality. Which just makes this story sadder and sadder by the day.

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