Bridgestone’s Perfect Parent Pedaler

by editors on October 24, 2012

Double Kids

Those without kids should turn away immediately. But for the rest of you troubled with toddlers listen up. We can’t even tell you how many times we’ve wondered why no one a bike like the Angelino Assista E-Bike. According to a story on The Atlantic Cities, it is perfect for parents with kids and has already sold 300,000 in Japan.

It’s specifically designed for parents to cart one or two kids around the city. After performing unnamed “scientific experiments,” Bridgestone formulated a baby-transport pod that sounds like it could withstand a head-on collision by garbage truck. It’s called the “Super Angel Seat 2.0 (the 1.0 prototype was prone to spontaneous combustion… just kidding), and features a reclining back, a seat belt and a urethane head protector. When not housing a child the seat folds into a shopping basket.

The bike has an electric motor with a 37-mile range and it ranges in price from $875 to $1,775. Now, if we could just get all the cars off the roads. . .

[Link: The Atlantic Cities]

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