Bike Thief Shot Dead In China

by editors on October 9, 2012

Have to admit, there would probably be fewer bike thefts in the United States if our often trigger happy police officers pointed their rage in the right direction like they do in China, according to a story on

A man accused of stealing electric bicycles in Central China’s Henan province was shot dead when he assaulted police with a brick last week, the local government said on Monday. . . The 38-year-old man, surnamed Wang, was allegedly caught stealing an electric tricycle together with a female suspect surnamed Zhang at a hospital in Wenxian county at about 10:20 am on Oct 4. Zhang was apprehended by police at the scene, but Wang tried to escape in a car, according to a statement from the Wenxian county public security bureau.

Steal a bike get shot.

[Link: China Daily]

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