Tampa Shares It Cops-On-Wheels Plan

by editors on September 5, 2012

Wuc-Tampa Police Bikes Rnc*280Charlotte, North Carolina isn’t going to put up with any funny business during the Democratic National Convention. That’s why they’re launched a crew of bike cops (just like the one’s Tampa, Florida used for the Republican Convention), according to a story in Biz Journals.

Another Tampa innovation that promises to move to Charlotte and beyond is “fast moving packs of law enforcement on bicycles.” Tampa police chief Jane Castor says this form of policing may become a fixture in the future, and not just in Tampa, where 200 bike officers from around Florida patrolled downtown.

More cops on bikes means more cops who know what it’s like to deal with cars on the road. And that has to be good for everyone.

[Link: Business Journals]

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