More Police Officers Get Set To Roll

by editors on September 24, 2012

505Db704F23F9.ImageThe Des Plaines, Iowa Police Department tolled out four new iForce Bicycles at their downtown police station last week saying that these bikes were the “department’s lated addition to its vehicle fleet,” according to a storying the Journal Online.

Police called attention to the value of using bicycles to enhance “saturation patrols in problem areas of the city” as an enforcement strategy. These require officers to patrol an area on foot, bicycles or in police vehicles. Since the department’s two bicycles were 12 years old, the need to upgrade the department’s bicycles became apparent. . . “Bicycles enhance our officers’ ability to more aggressively patrol targeted areas where it is difficult for a police squad to patrol. The targeted patrol areas will benefit from an enhanced police presence. We’re stepping up our efforts to reduce criminal activity by, as I like to say, ‘getting more boots on the ground,’” said Mayor Moylan.

As we’ve said before, having cops on bikes also lets the officers see how it is out on the roads and makes them much more sympathetic to the needs of cyclists all over the city.

[Link: Online Journal]

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