Thorfinn-Sassquatch Unmasked

by editors on March 30, 2016


Former Bicycling Magazine Editor-In-Chief Peter Flax delivers one of the most intriguing cycling stories we’ve read in a while. Yes, the post includes that boring doping topic, but it also blends in mystery, art, crime, fashion, masters racing, and Strava KOMs. What more can you ask for in a cycling story, really? Here’s the kicker from

What do a plea deal in federal court, a SoCal Strava legend, urban street crits, and $400 bib shorts have in common? All of them swirl around a rider who likes to call himself Thorfinn-Sassquatch. Here are 13 ways of looking at his strange story.

For all 13 angles, please click the link.

[Link: CyclingTips]

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