SRAM’s New Eagle 1×12 MTB Drivetrain

by editors on March 24, 2016


VitalMTB takes a look at SRAM’s new MTB front derailleur killer the Eagle 1×12 drivetrain. And yeah, if you’re into that whole 1X thing, then this may just be the set-up you’re looking for. Here’s their takeaway:

Taken at the most basic level, Eagle can be viewed as the simple addition of a 50-tooth cog to an already-large cassette in an effort to meet wide gear range demands of 2X holdouts. It’s much more than that in actuality, however, because SRAM has taken the opportunity to update nearly every component in the group. In the process they’ve created a better 1X drivetrain with undeniable advantages over their existing systems. Even if you don’t personally need the massive cog, there’s more speed to be had at the other end of the cassette. With gear range out of the picture, there are now very few arguments left for not switching to a simpler, quieter, and easier-to-use 1X drivetrain.

[Link: VitalMTB]

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