WTB’s New PadLoc Grip System

by editors on August 31, 2015

WTB has given everyone another reason to chop a piece off the end of their bars — the new “no-slip” PadLoc grips.

By removing the rounded end of handlebars – really, is there a reason that bars have unyieldingly remained rounded – we’ve completely eliminated slippage. A 30 degree plane sloping the last inch toward the bar’s outermost edge ensures there’s no room for fore / aft movement. AND it makes PadLoc grips comfortable. Like foolishly easy on your palms, don’t tell your friends they’re so splendidly comfy.

We’re not sure we want to be so committed to a pair of grips that we permanently modify our bars. What if you get the angle wrong? What if you’re in the middle of no where and you need new grips? Then again, we haven’t ridden the PadLoc, so we don’t know.

[Link: WTB]

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