Bellroy Builds The Perfect Cycling Wallet

by editors on March 4, 2015

Like many cyclists we carry our phone, a couple Alexander Hamilton’s, and an expired ID in a faded, greasy ziplock baggie. Sure, this makes it easy to flash our ID while cycling onto tightly secured military installations, and keeps our phone mostly dry from sweat, but on the class front it is sadly lacking. It looks more like something a meth-head would carry, not svelte, clean cycling machines like all of us. Well, Bellroy has a solution for all of us. It’s called the Elements Phone Pocket. And it works a little like this:

All-weather leather and a water-resistant zip mean your valuables will remain protected from any sudden downpours, or other elemental surprises. Internal organization helps segment your iPhone, cash, cards, a key and more, avoiding the awkward rummaging around that comes with other all-in-one wallets.
It’s organized protection, in a single pocket.

All that for $99. It is likely just the ride wallet you’ve been looking for. For more info click the link.

[Link: Bellroy]

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