Sock Doping 101: Add Class To Your Kick

by editors on March 4, 2015


Once you start paying attention to your ankle wear it’s hard to go back to basics. Suddenly that plain black pair of team socks you’ve been wearing overtime looks a bit boring when you head out for a ride. Take a tip from the world of cyclocross racing and show some individual style with a stylish pair of socks.

While you may be able to pick up a bright pair from your LBS—and we encourage you to do so—when you want a truly special pair you may have to search a little harder. We’re making it easy for you with our favorite picks from The Athletic, Ten Speed Hero, Sock Guy, injinji, and Stance below the jump. 

The Athletic
Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 11.54.35 AM
Jeremy Dunn and Julie Krasniak might just be the king and queens of the sock game. Their Portland, Oregon-based brand, The Athletic, offers bright mix and match sets to swoon over. Though it’s hard to choose favorites from The Athletic, call us suckers for the PDX and LAX carpet inspired designs and the Mt. Fuji Ekiden sets. Prices range from $40 for a mix and match set of six LAX socks or $15 to $25 for a standard set depending on the materials and design.

Ten Speed Hero
Chicago-based Ten Speed Hero is quickly becoming a new favorite. The brand’s designs are gasp-worthy and maybe even more importantly, their customer service is on-point. The recently released TSH resort collection socks will, yep, we’re going to say it—knock your socks off. Prices range from $14 for a basic set to $50 for a four pack of La Giraffe Sportive Spirals or $100 for a nine pack of the La Giraffe Sportive.

Handlebar Mustache
Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.11.48 PM
If you’re looking for a high-viz color charge for your ankles, Boulder, Colorado-based Handlebar Mustache probably has what you need and then some. While we’re personally partial to the “You’re my boy Blue” and “Killer Veez” designs, the brand may be best known for its Belgian The F*ck Up designs made for the Flanders-loving hardman in all of us. Socks run $15 a set.

Sock Guy
Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 8.57.28 AM
An everyday hero: the Sock Guy socks are easy to find and even better—they’re nice to look at. Find a pair of wool Poncho socks for some south-of-the-border flair, or maybe you’re more of a Sriracha Hot Sauce kind of rider—either way, Sock Guy has your feet covered. If you’re looking for a special sock all of your own, the brand’s custom sock program is used by shops and clubs around the country and is hard to beat for a one-of-a-kind design.

injinji : Performance toe socks
Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.04.50 AM
We never noticed how much socks (not just shoes) squeeze our feet until we tried out a pair of injinji performance toe socks. Suddenly our little piggies were free and they weren’t happy any other way. Try on a pair of the brand’s Sport lifestyle Soreento crew socks next time you go for a ride and see what we mean—above the ankle they are casual mix of stripes that make for colorful good looking socks, but inside your shoes your toes will be screaming, “Thank you.” Also, the brand’s compression socks will change the way you feel about recovery days.

Stance Socks
Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.03.39 AM
While the action-sports-rooted brand, Stance Socks, has yet to release cycling-specific socks (hint-hint), the company’s multitude of designs make them a clear standout for sock selection. While nearly all the socks should work clipped in to your trusty steed, we suggest sticking to the brand’s performance lines for the most breathable and wicking thread options. Our favorites include the Stance Links La Quinta, Veteran, and Lahaina designs. But, don’t let us stop you there—the brand offers so many designs anyone can perfectly match, or mismatch, their favorite kits. Average retail price hovers between $12 and $20 a pair.

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