September 2013 Acquired By Vista Equity

by editors on September 30, 2013

Active LogoActive Network, owners of the online cycling and running registration website was acquired today by private equity firm Vista Equity Partners for $1.05 billion. Yes, billion, according to a story in the New York Times.

Vista Equity is offering $14.50 a share in cash, a premium of 27 percent from Active Network’s closing stock price on Friday. . . Active Network went public in May 2011 at $15 a share. Earlier, this year, the stock fell as low as $3.95. . . “We believe the partnership with Vista will position us to execute on our strategy and further enhance our industry leadership, Jon Belmonte, interim chief executive of Active Network, said in a statement.

Yes, we believe a $1 billion dollar deal would help us further expand our online efforts as well. For the rest of the story click the link.

[Link: New York Times]


Are Friends Electric? The Kranked V10

by editors on September 27, 2013

There’s nothing that sells to fat America like an electric bike. The Interbike 2013 show was littered with all manner of electric powered bicycles, but the ones that seemed to get the most play were the “self-shuttling” downhill and enduro bikes. Like this one from Kranked.

[Link: VitalMTB]


Brian Cookson: The New Face Of The UCI

by editors on September 27, 2013


For all the insanely bizarre details behind the election today (Friday, September 27, 2013) of the new president of the Union Cycliste Internationale click the link for VeloNews’ compelling coverage of the Brian Cookson victory.

Months of intrigue, politicking, posturing, and allegations of bribes, and other dastardly deeds reached a boiling point. Many questioned whether McQuaid, who stood on the rather dubious backing from Morocco and Thailand, should even be allowed to stand for reelection. . . Finally, British Cycling president Brian Cookson stood up and simply stated, “Let’s have the vote right now.” . . With those few words, the most bitter, drawn-out election in UCI history quickly came to a close. Cookson defied the odds, and resolutely ended the McQuaid era at cycling’s world governing body, winning the vote 24-18 in a secret ballot.

Nice to see that (like in your local group ride) cycling rarely gets in the way of politics.

[Link: VeloNews]


Late Fall Super-D In Susanville

by editors on September 25, 2013

Susanville Superd

Looking for one more Super-D before you pack the mountain bike away for the winter? The season is not over yet. On Saturday, October 26, 2013 Susanville, California’s Ranch Park will be the site for the SABA Dirt Riders Super-D. The course features 4.1 miles of epic single track with one of the best, flowiest, bermed downhills you’ll find in the western states.

Costs for entry are $45 for the open class, $35 for the novice class and $25 for the beginner class. The open and novice classes will be two 4.1 mile runs. The beginner class will be two 1.2 mile runs. The schedule is as follows; check-in and registration will begin at 7:00 am, practice runs from 8-9 and racing will start at 10. Price of admission includes one practice shuttle and two shuttles for the race. The course is very fast and flowy, with “A” line jumps and walls at the top and numerous bermed corners throughout the course.

If you’re looking for a real-deal, mountain bike race, this is it. Click here to register and do not underestimate the locals. Susanville, California is located 90 miles north, north wast of Reno on Highway 395 and 100 miles Northeast of Chico, California. And yes, it is West Coast mountain biking’s next secret spot. Get there before you hear about it from your friends.

[Link: SABA Dirt Riders]


Bike, Camp, Cook: The Book

by editors on September 20, 2013

Help out the husband and wife team who toured the world for two years by bike and blogged about it on the site, with their newest effort the book Bike, Camp, Cook. They’re up on Kickstarter begging for money and with 21 days to go they are only $2,500 short of their $11,500 goal. Yes, it’s another cookbook for cyclists, but this is no Feedzone. This is a cook book for the touring crowd. And it looks delicious. All they need in the money to print it. Click the link and help them out.

[Link: Kickstarter]


Get The Shot With Keizus Quadropod

by editors on September 11, 2013

[Link: Keizus]


Masters Road Nationals Get Hailed On

by editors on September 6, 2013

Road Nats Hail

This photo from Matthew Lasala shows just how bad the weather was in Bend, Oregon today (Friday, September 6, 2013) during the Masters Road National Championships. For a look at what riding through that kind of hail for 3 K on a serious climb does to your back, follow the jump for an ugly photo of new 40-44 Masters National Champion Chris Phipps. [click to continue…]


Wahoo Goes ANT+ With The RFLKT+

by editors on September 4, 2013

Wahoo Fitness is turning to Kickstarter to round up cash for their newest RFLKT computer. Rather than using Bluetooth Smart, the RFLKT+ will act as a bridge to connect to ANT+ sensors (without any strange dongles, cases, or other funkiness) to the iPhone 5. They also plan to include a barometric altimeter as well.

The RFLKT+ Smart bike computer taps into the power of your iPhone to provide you GPS data plus the functionality of your favorite App. The RFLKT+ is a reflection of your iPhone, with the App controlling everything you see on your bike computer screen.

Wahoo hopes to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter. So far they’re at $40k with 16 days to go. If you’d like an ANT+ RFLKT the click on over and show them the money.

[Link: Kickstarter]


Chrome Truk Pro Stealth SPD Shoe

by editors on September 4, 2013

Trukpro Grey Hero Enlarge
Seems like half the MTBers in the world want to dress like they just walked out of a college English class: cords, nice shirt, and shoes that don’t even hint that they might be used for cycling (the horror). Chrome Industries, makers of some of the finest messenger bags and back packs has what might be the perfect shoe for closeted cyclists. The shoes are called the Truk Pro.

The Truk Pro is the latest and most innovative City SPD we make. It’s made to be worn all day, every day and features our new Flexplate™ technology for uncompromised pedal performance and walking comfort. Whether you’re a messenger running up flights of stairs and charging through traffic, or a committed commuter on your daily grind, our City SPDs are made to work on and off the bike.

Hey, and pretty much anything is better than riding flat pedals, right? The Truk Pro’s features their “dual density FlexPlate Technology” are for sale in the Chrome online store right now for $95.00. Check ’em.

[Link: Chrome]


Horner Pounds In Another One At The Vuelta

by editors on September 3, 2013

We know you’ve probably already seen Chris Horner’s domination in stage 10 of the Tour of Spain (the Vuelta) but there really is no harm in watching it one more time just to study his stand up and turn the pedals technique. Nice, isn’t it? Yes, we think so. We also don’t believe that tomorrow is the last day we’ll see Mr. Horner in the red jersey. But what do we know?