Brian Cookson: The New Face Of The UCI

by editors on September 27, 2013


For all the insanely bizarre details behind the election today (Friday, September 27, 2013) of the new president of the Union Cycliste Internationale click the link for VeloNews’ compelling coverage of the Brian Cookson victory.

Months of intrigue, politicking, posturing, and allegations of bribes, and other dastardly deeds reached a boiling point. Many questioned whether McQuaid, who stood on the rather dubious backing from Morocco and Thailand, should even be allowed to stand for reelection. . . Finally, British Cycling president Brian Cookson stood up and simply stated, “Let’s have the vote right now.” . . With those few words, the most bitter, drawn-out election in UCI history quickly came to a close. Cookson defied the odds, and resolutely ended the McQuaid era at cycling’s world governing body, winning the vote 24-18 in a secret ballot.

Nice to see that (like in your local group ride) cycling rarely gets in the way of politics.

[Link: VeloNews]

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