Best Young Riders, Worst TOC Jerseys

by editors on April 27, 2017

TAG Heuer rolled out their jerseys for the Amgen Tour of California’s best young riders and they have to be the ugliest jerseys we’ve ever seen for a world tour event. Designed by “art provocateur Alec Monopoly” the jerseys feature a chaotic spattering of spray can squirts and TAG logos that looks like, well high viz scribbling. Here’s how TAG explains it:

Though cycling and art are seemingly dissimilar, these pursuits have universal appeal as movement and creation are both fundamental instincts, regardless of country, background or age. TAG Heuer specializes in uniting divergent worlds, creating disruptive moments that highlight the avant-garde nature of the brand.

We can say one thing: it’s no real surprise that the jersey’s designer wears a mask. For the official word from the Tour of California, please follow the jump.

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Patagonia’s CEO Speaks For The Trees

by editors on April 26, 2017

In a presidency that becomes more absurd with each day, the Trump administration is now moving to review all of the United State’s National Monuments and Patagonia’s CEO Rose Marcario doesn’t like it one bit. She says:

Our National Monuments were established after extensive public input because they provide unique and irreplaceable cultural, ecological, economic and recreational value worth protecting for our children and our grandchildren. As stewards of America’s federal public lands, the Trump administration has an obligation to protect these most special wild places. Unfortunately, it seems clear they intend to do the opposite.

In a statement released today (Wednesday, April 26, 2017) Marcario urges everyone who loves America’s public lands to contact their members of Congress and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to “express outrage at the Trump administration’s efforts to roll back National Monument protections.” For the official statement from Marcario, please follow the jump.

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Very Nice Socks From Velocio

by editors on March 21, 2017

Velocio says they are putting their best foot forward with these new socks.

Velocio socks are ultralight weight and designed for riding. Ultrafine polyamide yarns with a touch of Lycra for the perfect fit, and with new looks and colors to bring the perfect pop to a ride.

If you agree, please click the link and you can snap up a few for yourself. Seriously, it’s that easy.

[Link: Velocio]


Sockguy’s New Spring Lineup

by editors on February 24, 2017

Sockguy just rolled out their Spring 2017 line of ankle art and it looks like there’s something for everyone — including Amanda Panda fans. Click the link for all the details.

[Link: Sockguy]


GracedByGrit x Betty Designs

by editors on January 25, 2017

GracedByGrit has partnered with endurance clothing brand Betty Designs to launch an exclusive cycling kit to cater to the active San Diego community. More women than ever before are active: going to the gym, practicing yoga, running marathons, completing triathlons and more. Innovative brands GRACEDBYGRIT and Betty Designs, who continue to set themselves apart as women-run businesses who prioritize quality and function, have announced their first collaboration. The GRACEDBYGRIT Cycling Kit in collaboration with Betty Designs is now available for sale online at and in-store at 153 N Highway 101, Solana Beach, California.

For all the official details, please follow the jump.

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Vans x Brooks England: Boot, Saddle, Bag

by editors on December 5, 2016


Brooks England is celebrating their 150th anniversary while Vans is celebrating their 50th anniversary, so why not get together on a four-piece collaboration featuring artwork by Taka Hayashi.

The Brooks x Vault by Vans partnership presents laser-etched artwork from designer Taka Hayashi across the TH OG Sk8-Hi LX and TH OG Classic Slip-On LX. Hayashi’s imagery and intricate detailing extends from footwear into a deluxe set of Brooks Accessories consisting of the Barbican Shoulder Bag and Swift Brooks Saddle.

Looks pretty smooth, right? The collection is available for purchase now at select stockists across the globe. For more information about visit or Follow the jump for more detailed photos.

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686 + Cadence = Warm & Dry Winters

by editors on November 1, 2016

LA based 686 snowboarding clothing company got together with LA based cycling clothing company Cadence for a match made in winter.

Life on the bike. From the realities of commuting to and from work to the euphoria of a bike packing escape. Each step empowered by ones own physical ability. We are only limited by what we push ourselves to try. Fail or succeed it is the journey that is the ultimate destination. . . Propelled further forward with the Cadence x 686 Insulator and 3L rain jacket. Built for lifestyle cycling.

[Link: 686 X Cadence]


The All New Spooky From Sockguy

by editors on October 4, 2016


It’s October so that means Sockguy has their latest version of their annual spooky socks up on the website for a limited time. What better way to sock out Spookycross? To grab a couple pairs, click the link.

[Link: Sockguy]


Garmin Fancies Up With fēnix Chronos

by editors on August 26, 2016


Garmin’s top-of-the-line multi-sport watch the fēnix 3 just got a high fashion sibling that looks more a Breitling Chronliner and less like a bloated Forerunner. Sure, the new fēnix Chronos still does all the cycling things that the fenix does. It can pair with your ANT+ power meter, cadence/speed sensors, and heart rate monitor and upload it live to Strava (when paired with a smartphone). It also keeps track of routes,compassing, altimeter, and temperature changes, but this one comes in titanium, steel, and steel with a vintange leather band.

“High-end design meets top-tier performance with fēnix Chronos,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “With luxurious materials and trusted Garmin multisport technology, fēnix Chronos is a necessary timepiece for anyone who wants to remain stylish through all of life’s adventures – whether its hiking through mountains, training for a race, or heading to a formal event.”

As you might have guessed all this fancy comes at a price. The fēnix Chronos titanium with titanium band will cost $1,500 (more than twice the cost of the previous top of the line fēnix 3); fēnix Chronos steel with stainless steel band $1000; and fēnix Chronos steel with leather band will cost $900. The price does include a silicone sport band for when you want to get it sweaty.

We’ve called the fēnix 3 one of the best bike computers you can wear on your wrist, and Chronos looks even better. For the official word from Garmin, follow the jump.

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Vans Adds to Pro Classics Collection

by editors on June 15, 2016


In celebration of their 50th Anniversary Vans is dropping their second installment of their Classics Anniversary Collection which this time includes a couple tributes to some of Vans’ best BMX team members.

With tribute releases inspired by freestyle BMX pioneer Eddie Fiola and cherished BMX innovator Dennis McCoy, the fall assortment upholds Vans’ unwavering support of the BMX sport, and aptly coincides with the release of Vans’ first full-length BMX film, Illustrated—available now on iTunes.

Which reminds us — it’s about time we all watched Rad again, isn’t it? For the official word from Vans, please follow the jump.

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