Riders Down: Not Getting Better

by editors on October 26, 2012

Another sad list of cyclist who have died in the past two weeks thanks to motor vehicles.

Triathlete Hit & Killed By Metro Bus In Malibu
Texas Cyclist Killed By Drunk Hit and Run Driver
Sleeping Driver Kills Wisconsin Cyclist
Teen Driver Hits and Kills Cyclist in Florida
Arizona Neurologist Dies In Hit And Run Collision
New York Woman Hit From Behind Dies
95 Cyclist to Die This Year Was Hit By A Truck
Minnesota Wrestling Coach Killed By Semi Truck
Endicott, NY Woman Killed On State Route 434
UK Man Gets 7 Years For Hitting And Killing Cyclist
UK Man Killed In Hit & Run Accident
Washington Man Killed By Pickup Truck
Ottawa Social Worker Hit And Killed
Virginia man Hit & Killed By Truck
UK Man Killed In Collision With Car
South African Cyclist Killed By Bus
Retired Social Worker Killed By Truck
Illinois Cyclist Killed by Truck

As long a cyclist are treated like second class accident victims we’re guessing the slaughter will keep on rolling. And that’s just sad

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Cyclist Mowed Down In Sunrise, Florida

by editors on October 18, 2012

The most dangerous state claimed another life yesterday (Wednesday, October 17, 2012) as another cyclist was simply rundown by a Chevy Avalanche in Sunrise, Florida.

The fatal accident happened at about 6 a.m., just south of Sunrise Boulevard and Northwest 12th Avenue. Preliminary investigation reveals that the driver struck the victim from the back. . . The cyclist died shortly after the accident.

The driver, of course, has not been charged with anything yet. Something has to be done. We need bike lanes with barriers everywhere.

[Link: WSVN]

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BMX Olympian Kyle Bennett Dies

by editors on October 15, 2012


2008 US Olympic BMX racer Kyle Bennett, 33, was reportedly hurrying to check on a “break-in involving his fiancee’s car” when his truck left the road near his home near Houston, Texas early Sunday morning (October 14, 2012), acceding to a story in the Washington Post.

Bennett . . died when his 2006 Toyota Tundra truck, traveling at a high rate of speed, left the road and struck a wrought-iron gate, a culvert and several trees in a residential area, according to the Montgomery County police. Bennett, who was alone in the truck and was not wearing a seatbelt.

The three-time UCI World Champion NBL Champion is survived by his fiancee and his 4-year-old daughter. Our thoughts are with Bennett’s family and friends.

[Link: Washington Post]

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Riders Down: A Bad Week In Cycling

by editors on October 5, 2012

Here is a list of the stories we’ve seen in the last week in which a cyclist was killed by a motorist.

Cyclist Hit & Killed On Sunday Morning Ride
Cyclist Killed By Hit & Run Driver In Bushwick
Bicyclist Killed in South East Portland Crash
1 Cyclist Killed, 2 Injured In Mariposa Township
Victor Cabedo Killed During Training Ride
17-year-old Driver Kills San Antonio Cyclist
Cyclist Killed By Hit & Run Driver On Queens Boulevard

The aspect we find most frightening about these stores is that the drivers are rarely charged with a crime. It’s almost as if cyclists have the same value under the law as house cats. It’s remarkable.

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Baseball Manager Crashes While Texting

by editors on October 3, 2012

Bio BobbyvBoston Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine was reportedly injured yesterday (Tuesday, October 3, 2012) in New York City when he crashed his bike in Central Park while reading a text, according to a story in The New York Times.

On the wet, slippery path, Valentine was reading a text on his phone from Dustin Pedroia, the Red Sox second baseman, and riding his bicycle. When he looked up, he had to swerve to avoid the umbrellas of two French tourists walking in front of him. The bike skidded, and he lost his balance and went careening head over pedals down the side of the hill by the road.

Remember, don’t text and ride, especially if your real skills are on the diamond.

[Link: The New York Times]

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Spoke: The Hazards Of Cycling Doco

by editors on October 3, 2012

On September 29, 2012 filmmakers Lauren Gardner, Nick Navarro and Em Baker left San Francisco on bikes to make a documentary film “exploring the hazards of cycling in the U.S.” according to a story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Gardner, Nick Navarro and Em Baker. . . plan to spend the next three months traversing the country, ending up in St. Augustine, Fla., widely considered one of the most dangerous places for cyclists in the country. Their footage and interviews will be turned into a documentary titled “Spoke.” . . “We want to examine the hows and whys” of bicycle-car accidents, she said, and explore the various types of infrastructure in place across the country. . . “We don’t want to create a perspective that’s biased — we are trying to represent all different viewpoints,” Baker said. . . Along the way, the trio will be meeting with families affected by bicycle accidents, law enforcement, cycling advocates and many others.

You can help the filmmakers complete their trip and their movie by making a contribution on Kickstarter. Click this link for more information.

[Link: Santa Cruz Sentinel]

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Trucker Who Killed Cyclist Not Charged

by editors on September 27, 2012

610775DaWayne Eacret, a truck driver who hit and killed cyclist Kathryn Rickson (pictured right) last May (2012) in Portland, Oregon will not face any criminal charges, according to a story on

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s office talked to witnesses and looked at surveillance cameras. They concluded there was nothing that Eacret could have done to avoid the collision and it was not clear if he could have seen her before he turned.

Another reminder to be careful around big trucks, because it doesn’t seem they’re required to be careful of cyclists.

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance Oregon has a list of changes they believe should be made to help make sure this kind of accident never happens again.

[Link: and BTA Oregon]

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