Quick n’ Dirty Summer Series Starts Now

by editors on April 19, 2021

Just a little reminder for SoCal mountain bike racers. The 2021 Quick n’ Dirty Summer Mountain Bike Race Series starts this Saturday April 24, 2021 at the Barona Oaks MX facility in Lakeside, California.

The series runs every Saturday until June 26, 2021 with eight days of events. It’s better to register online, but you can register on site. Registration opens at 2 PM day of. Follow the jump for more info.

The Summer Series is where it all started and to this day continues to be the staple of the Quick n’ Dirty vibe. You can expect a fun, fast, and challenging series of races that keeps you tuned up, doesn’t break your wallet, and in most cases, gets you home in time for dinner. However, we will have food vendors on site if you want to kick back, relax, and grab a bite to eat at the race.


Please pay attention to our new start times. To cut down on congestion on the trails and make the experience more safe and enjoyable we have decide to have 3 start times. Kids will race at 3:00pm, Beginner and School Boy/Girl will race at 4:00pm and All Other classes will race at 5:00pm.

2021 Summer Series Dates (These are confirmed dates!)
RACE #1: April 24, 2021
RACE #2: May 1, 2021
RACE #3: May 8, 2021
RACE #4: May 22, 2021
RACE #5: May 29, 2021
RACE #6: June 5, 2021
RACE #7: June 19, 2021
RACE #8: June 26, 2021

Race Day Schedule:
Registration opens at 2:00pm
Kids at 3:00pm
Beginner & School Boy/Girl at 4:00pm
All other classes at 5:00pm

Barona Oaks MX
1800 Wildcat Canyon, Lakeside, CA 92040

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