SLO Cops Picking On Cyclists

by editors on October 12, 2016


Even though vehicles are more often the responsible party in cycling fatalities, the police department in the college town of San Luis Obispo, California is out to teach cyclists a lesson by ticketing them for minor infractions in a special education operation, according to a story on KEYT.

“A lot of [cyclists] don’t realize the potential of injury from each of these collisions; if they were to run a stop sign and be struck by a moving car, the chances of being injured are greatly increased because obviously the vehicle’s moving at a certain speed, and the pedestrian has no safety other than hopefully a helmet,” explains Officer Kevin Phillips from the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Wonder how many three-foot rule violation tickets officer Phillips has written? Has the SLO police department ever focused a stakeout on reminding drivers that it is their job not to hit people on bikes? We would guess the answers to these questions are: none, and never.

[Link: KEYT]

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