The WTB Riddler Goes To 45 Wide

by editors on September 1, 2016


Looking for the perfect shoes for your gravel/CX steed? WTB might have just the tire for you with their Riddler 45c.

Expanding what gravel can do while happily accommodating dirt touring, the Riddler 45c corners with confidence on hard surfaces while still sinking its teeth deep into your favorite trails. It encourages exploration…through dirt, gravel, smiles, frowns, blood, sweat and tears. . . . Built for unfaltering speed through a wide range of conditions, the Riddler 45c delivers added gusto to the rider who finds themselves on the roughest of roads. Incredibly versatile in a what-can‘t-it-do type of size, this tire breathes capability when mounted to any drop bar bike.

It may be a little wide for CX racers who like to abide by UCI rules, but for everyone else, it look pretty sweet. The Riddler 45c’s are available at the WTB website. Click the link for more info.

[Link: WTB]

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