Greg Minnaar On Oakley’s Prizm Trail

by editors on June 14, 2016

Few riders have to worry about rocks and roots coming at them at the same speed they rocket into World Downhill Champ Greg Minnaar’s field of view, but Oakley’s Prizm lens will still make it better.

A three-time mountain bike downhill champion, Greg Minnaar has built a career on assessing and reacting to every detail that comes his way. When he misses a detail, the South African can’t perform at the highest level. Whether it’s a root on the trail or the suspension on his bike, the tiniest details can have the greatest outcome. Minnaar talks about all those minute details while letting loose on his bike on the trails around Santa Cruz, Calif.

And yes, that is Minnar in Santa Cruz. Click the link for more Oakley’s Prizm Lens Technology.

[Link: Oakley]

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