Strava’s Global Bike To Work Day

by editors on May 12, 2016


On Tuesday May 10, 2016 Strava held their first ever Global Bike to Work Day. Members who signed up recorded 79,879 cycling commute activities in 180 countries that day.

Strava commuters logged a total of 835,094 miles on Global Bike to Work Day, averaging 10.45 miles per ride. . . In total, 71,107 hours were spent commuting on the day, with the average commute time per rider being 53 minutes and 41 seconds.

These rides produced a total carbon offset of 514.51 tons. Just think if everyone rode to work every day? To see what it looked like, click here for an animated bike to work Strava heat map. To see how the countries ranked, follow the jump.

The top countries by participation in Global Bike to Work Day were:
1. UnitedKingdom
2. USA
3. Brazil
4. Australia
5. Germany
6. Netherlands 7. Spain
8. Canada
9. France
10. Italy

Strava launched the day to show how commutes on Strava make a difference to the cycling community through Strava Metro, which anonymizes and analyzes the millions of human-powered commutes uploaded to Strava every week, then partners with urban planners to improve city infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

Currently, over 70 organizations and government agencies are using Strava Metro, including GoBike in Glasgow, University College London, Oregon Department of Transport, Austin B-Cycle in Texas and Vermont Transportation.

Gareth Nettleton, VP of Marketing for Strava, said: “The Strava community came out in force on Tuesday to make a difference on Global Bike to Work Day. It’s incredible that Strava cyclists who joined the challenge recorded nearly 80,000 commutes in a single day across the globe; these kind of activities are making a difference when used by town and city planners.”
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