Netflix Pedal Pick: Inspired To Ride

by editors on May 27, 2016

Looking for something to watch on Netflix this weekend while recovering from Memorial Day celebrations? We have just the film. Inspired to Ride, from the producers of Ride the Divide and Reveal the Path, is a beautifully shot record of the first ever Trans Am Bike Race across 4,233 miles, ten states, all self supported.

It’s the antithesis to events like Tour de France and Race Across America. There are no teams, no support vehicles, no special jerseys and not a dime in prize money. . . As they battle lack of sleep, injuries and spirited competition, INSPIRED TO RIDE takes you on an invigorating road trip — amidst the jaw-dropping beauty of the TransAmerica Trail with its varied landscapes, intriguing locals and found stories which dot this path of discovery. . . Featuring Mike Hall and Juliana Buhring plus many more “crazies”.

While a movie about a race like this has the potential to be a snoozer, filmmaker Mike Dion and his crew pull together a film that is visually stunning, constantly compelling, and deeply insightful into the minds of these ultra-endurance bicycle racers. Check it out on Netflix.

[Link: Inspired To Ride]


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