Santa Cruz Stigmata’s Second Coming

by editors on February 18, 2015

Santacruz Stigmata

It’s been called “a cyclocross bike deserving of the Santa Cruz name,” but we’re just kind of giddy that Santa Cruz has resurrected the drop bars with a carbon framed, disc brake loaded all-around, all new Stigmata. Here’s how Santa Cruz is playing it:

We started the development of the new Stigmata a couple years ago, because we missed the old Stigmata, and felt that there was a lot we could do with carbon that we were unable to do with aluminum. At the same time, hydraulic disc brakes for road bikes were becoming a reality, meaning that we wouldn’t have to put up with ancient braking technology to get our drop bar on. . . The new Stigmata is versatile. It’ll fit 41mm-wide tires with room for mud, but handles nicely with skinny road tires for base miles. It’s also home to our first PressFit 30 bottom bracket. We didn’t make this decision lightly, but not only is PF30 capable of accommodating all road bike cranks, it allowed us to make the bike lighter while maintaining the strength and durability you expect from Santa Cruz.

Sounds like it might be our perfect N+1 bike: epic for cross, great for gravel, and just fine for road. Click the link for all the specs.

[Link: Santa Cruz Bicycles]

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