Going Tubeless Without The Mess

by editors on October 30, 2014

The last time we tried to put a tubeless tire (Specialized Renegade) on our Santa Cruz Highball. It didn’t go so well. There are many reasons. The tire was old, worn, and not ready for primetime, but we did some one really dumb stuff as well. In the end, we burned through seven CO2 cartridges, were covered in Stan’s No-Tube juice, and thought we needed to buy an air compressor. It was not pretty.

Today, before putting new Maxxis Crossmarks on our rig we watched this little video from Art’s Cyclery and it shed needed light on the entire DIY process. Following these directions we got things right the first time.

Some of the things we learned: remove the valve core before pumping, pump like a fiend until right about 30 lbs (you’ll know things are going well when you hear the beads popping into place), and only release the pump and squirt in some Stan’s after the beads are set. This is likely common knowledge, but we just wish we’d have seen this video months ago. Enjoy.

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