Chrome’s Give Work The 415 Boot

by editors on February 12, 2014

415 Redleather Heroup

Our friends often don’t believe us (because they think we ride all day long) but we do occasionally work. And when we do there is nothing like a good pair of sneakers posing as boots to get us through. And Chrome Industries (makers of bulletproof messenger bag etc. . . ) have the perfect boot in the 415. Now they have a limited edition version.

We made our limited edition Red Leather 415 Work Boot to provide the stability and protection of a work boot with the mobility and feel of a sneaker. We noticed that work has changed but everyone is still wearing boots made for standing on the factory floor. We wanted a boot that didn’t require a long break-in period. One you could bike, skate, walk, and ride a motorcycle in. Red Leather 415s are made using weatherproof, oiled, full grain leather. Durable, and built for urban trades.

The Red 415s are available online for $130.00. Click the link and check them out.

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