People For Bikes: Gorilla In The Room

by editors on October 4, 2013

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On the eve of the day that news of American cyclocross racer Amy Dombroski’s death spread through the cycling world Tim Blumenthal, the president of People For Bikes wrote this compelling piece for the organization’s website.

In the pre-digital age, I would have been described as a broken record. That’s because every day, at least a half dozen times, I repeat the phrase, “When people ride bikes, great things happen.” I say it in media interviews, sponsor pitches, and in pep talks during staff meetings here at PeopleForBikes headquarters. . . This simple sentence neatly summarizes all the health, air quality, road congestion, business, and money-saving benefits of riding bikes. It helps explain why our organization exists. It’s a pure reflection of the smile in our red, white and blue logo. . . But the truth is, not all outcomes of bicycling are positive. Far too many bike riders get injured (or worse) worldwide.

Do yourself a favor and read the rest (if you haven’t already). It presents the situation we’re all in and beautifully explains the challenges ahead and what we all can do to surmount them.

[Link: People For Bicycles]

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