The Story Behind The Mulholland Takeout

by editors on May 1, 2013

The New York Daily News has the story behind the motorcycle vs. cyclist video everyone was talking about yesterday. It happened on April 27, 2013 on Mulholland Drive’s “Dead Man’s Curve.”

Cameraman Ken Snyder has been shooting video of wipeouts on the hazardous turn for four years but Saturday’s collision was the only time he ever saw a motorcycle take out two bikes. . . “There are many more just like it,” Snyder said. “It is a very common type of crash on this turn. Just usually no one is there and the rider falls alone.”

If Snyder is always there shooting video of crashes (and the CHP is always parked there), it might be a good place to avoid for all kinds of reasons. Oh, and if you’re wondering who the girl is, apparently, she’s in all Snyder’s videos.

[Link: New York Daily News]

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