The US Government Jumps On The BLOAT

by editors on April 24, 2013

lance-armstrongAccording to legal documents filed late last night (Tuesday, April 23, 2013) the United States Government has officially jumped on against the Biggest Liar Of All Time with a false claims suit, according to a story on

“The USPS paid approximately $40 million to sponsor the USPS cycling team from 1998 to 2004,” the court document says. . . The government said it was intervening to recover triple the amount of the sponsorship funds under the False Claims Act, which could bring a total of more than $100 million in damages.

Well, if the BLOAT was worried that he didn’t have anything left to fight for, this should keep him on point for a while. To read the entire US Gov’s complaint click here.

[Link: CNN]

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