Volvo Creates Cyclist Alert System

by editors on March 7, 2013

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Volvo isn’t just sitting back while thousands of cyclists worldwide are hit (and often killed) by cars, they’re doing something about it according to a story on BBC News.

The auto firm says vehicles fitted with the system will be able to detect threats including a cyclist suddenly swerving out into a car’s path. . . It said that if a collision risk was detected an alarm would sound and the car’s brakes would be fully deployed. . . he technology is an enhanced version of Volvo’s pedestrian detection system which it launched in 2010. . . Like the earlier release the innovation uses a radar in the car’s grille and a camera located between its windscreen and back view mirror to detect collision threats.

Now, if we could only get this technology installed on all Ford F-150 trucks, cyclists the world over might finally be safe.

[Link: BBC va Boing Boing]

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