The Bicycle Thief: Idaho Style

by editors on September 16, 2012

Bhrjb.Aust.36Boise, Idaho’s Michael Lawrence had a busy spring, according to a story in the Idaho Statesman. Lawrence reportedly stole “as many as 50 bikes in the Boise area” before the local police matched some fingerprints and nailed him down.

So far, 29 bicycles, including 13 Exergy bikes, have been recovered. The value of the bicycles recovered is an estimated $138,730. Other items recovered including a projector from a Boise elementary school, a bike rack and $9,000 in cash from the sale of stolen bicycles, most of which went to buyers in the Portland, Ore., area.

Lawrence pleaded guilty in June to two counts of grand theft in a plea bargain deal with prosecutors. Hopefully, this will keep him off the streets and away from high-end bicycles for a while.

[Link: Idaho Statesman]

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