The Bicycle Bombers Of Londonderry

by editors on September 24, 2012

Aleqm5Iuucempkdep-KleuhmrjxcdceowaDissident republicans in Ireland apparently attached a bomb to a bicycle as part of a plan to kill police officers in Londonderry, Ireland, according to a story in the UKPress. Apparently, that whole thing isn’t over yet.

The device was set up to explode in a follow-up operation after a pipe bomb was found just yards away in a holdall close to the city’s main council offices beside the River Foyle, but the timing mechanism malfunctioned and the device failed to go off. . . Volunteers belonging to the Foyle search and rescue team found the first device inside the holdall left on railings beside a riverside walkway. They believed the bag belonged to someone who might have jumped into the water after leaving personal possessions behind. A woman looked inside, suspected it was a pipe bomb and alerted police.

Poor bicycle. . .

[Link: UKPress]

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