Perfect Bike Filmer Cam: Canon 6D

by editors on September 27, 2012

Want to make some of those cool “tracking through the trees with a shallow depth of field” freeriding edits? This newly announced Canon 6D may be the affordable way to make it happen, according to a post on

On the video side of things, the EOS 6D builds on the capabilities of the EOS 5D-series and offers full manual control over exposure and audio levels while recording video. Video options include 1080p at 30, 24 and 25 fps along with 720p at 60, 50, 30 and 25 fps. Continuous recording time is the usual 29 minutes and 59 seconds, and there’s 4GB automatic file partitioning.

The camera also featured built in Wi-Fi, GPS, and works with iPhone and Android app remotes. What more could you ask for in a camera that will sell for only $2,100. The 6D goes on sale in December. Save your pennies.

[Link: Gizmag]

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