Cyclist Arrested For Bike Rage

by editors on September 14, 2012

5049135After getting cut off by a mom on her way home, cyclist James A. Berg, 55, of Naperville, Illinois, reportedly took it out on the woman and her car, according to a story on

A written Naperville police report indicated Berg that afternoon was riding his bicycle east on the 400 block of West Gartner Road when he was passed by a motorist who then made a turn into the driveway of her home. Three children were passengers in the car at the time. . . Berg “believed he was cut off by the driver’s turn and chased her up her driveway to (the) back door, yelling at her while her three children were in the car,” the report stated. Berg then allegedly “slammed (his) bike into the side of the vehicle, causing a dent and scratch.”

Having encounter the “oh, sorry” shrug from many drivers, we know how Mt. Berg felt, but he apparently took it a little too far. According to the story Berg is now facing misdemeanor chargers of “disorderly conduct/breach of peace and criminal damage to property.” That will spoil a ride/


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