June 2016

Smith’s New Route & Rover Helmets

by editors on June 21, 2016


With the popularity of Smith’s Forefront and Overtake helmets for MTB and road (we ride them both) came the need for some helmets that are a little less serious for people who might not be racing their bikes every weekend.

“The Route and Rover helmets represent a movement within Smith to bring the award winning technologies found in our popular Forefront and Overtake helmets to the everyday rider.” said Graham Sours, Smith Helmet Category Manager. “We ride on the road, in the dirt, and commute by bike and these new models exemplify all of us as cyclists in our own unique way.”

Think of them as an affordable, yet functional helmets for those who don’t feel like spending for top of the line Smith helmets. For the official word from Smith, please follow the jump.


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Vans Adds to Pro Classics Collection

by editors on June 15, 2016


In celebration of their 50th Anniversary Vans is dropping their second installment of their Classics Anniversary Collection which this time includes a couple tributes to some of Vans’ best BMX team members.

With tribute releases inspired by freestyle BMX pioneer Eddie Fiola and cherished BMX innovator Dennis McCoy, the fall assortment upholds Vans’ unwavering support of the BMX sport, and aptly coincides with the release of Vans’ first full-length BMX film, Illustrated—available now on iTunes.

Which reminds us — it’s about time we all watched Rad again, isn’t it? For the official word from Vans, please follow the jump.

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Greg Minnaar On Oakley’s Prizm Trail

by editors on June 14, 2016

Few riders have to worry about rocks and roots coming at them at the same speed they rocket into World Downhill Champ Greg Minnaar’s field of view, but Oakley’s Prizm lens will still make it better.

A three-time mountain bike downhill champion, Greg Minnaar has built a career on assessing and reacting to every detail that comes his way. When he misses a detail, the South African can’t perform at the highest level. Whether it’s a root on the trail or the suspension on his bike, the tiniest details can have the greatest outcome. Minnaar talks about all those minute details while letting loose on his bike on the trails around Santa Cruz, Calif.

And yes, that is Minnar in Santa Cruz. Click the link for more Oakley’s Prizm Lens Technology.

[Link: Oakley]


Strava Update Cuts Echo & RFLKT Support

by editors on June 6, 2016

rflkt_echoIn the latest iOS update to their cycling and running tracking app (version 4.18), Strava has announced that they will no longer support several devices that have worked well with the app in the past saying:

Sadly, we are no longer supporting the following devices: Magellan Echo, Timex Run x50+, Wahoo RFLKT/RLFKT+. Please contact us with questions by going to FAQ & Support in the app.

According to Strava support, users of the RFLKT can still use their devices with Wahoo’s fitness app and then upload to Strava. User of the other devices are out of luck.

“As the Strava app evolves, we continue to assess the work needed to support all the various accessories, sensors, watches and operating systems,” said a Strava representative. “Sometimes, it is necessary to cease supporting some devices so we can redirect those development resources elsewhere. Thank you for understanding, and please reach out to our support team directly with questions and feedback.

Guess the bottom line is, if you’re using any of these devices it might be time to upgrade to something else. . . maybe a Garmin 735xt for instance? If not, then you probably shouldn’t hit the update button.

[Link: Strava Support]


Blackburn Rolls With It In New Film

by editors on June 6, 2016

Blackburn (the cycling accessories company) has a new film they’d like you to see about some adventure bike camping titled Roll With It. It features the set up for a joke:  a photographer, a musician, an artist, a food blogger, and an ecologist hit the road on bikes. The film is the rest of the story.

“Camping by bike is an adventure everyone can experience without over complicating it.” says, Robin Sansom, Blackburn’s brand manager. “This film, at the core, is about the unexpected rituals strangers have when they embark on a bike and camp adventure together. We look forward to bringing this to communities all over the world in hopes of inspiring more people to get outside.”

The movie premieres whti month in LA and New York. For the official word, please follow the jump.

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The Lost Sierra Triple Crown Rolls Out

by editors on June 2, 2016


We hesitate to give The Lost Sierra Triple Crown grinder series any play, because truthfully, we like keeping our corner of NorCal free from the ravages of bike over population, but sometimes a series is just too good to keep quiet about. And this is one of them.

The Lost Sierra Triple Crown is made up of three events. The first event, Lost & Found, rolls out this Saturday (June 4, 2016) from Lake Davis, California. According to organizers the Lost & Found course “features a perfect blend of pavement, dirt road, gravel road and historic railroad grade with 100 miles, 7,000 feet of climbing, and is 80 percent dirt. The second is the world famous Downieville Classic in August 6, 2016, and the third (and one you should not miss) is the Grinduro in Quincy, California on October 8, 2016.

These events take place on some of the most amazingly beautiful remote pavement, gravel, and singletrack that you will find anywhere in the world. We’d say more, but we’ll just leave it at this. . . from one of our undisclosed rides last summer.


[Link: Lost Sierra Triple Crown]