December 2014

Cyclepassion Calendar Works Up A Sweat

by editors on December 18, 2014


Pivot Mach 429SL Lightens Up

by editors on December 12, 2014

Pivot 429 2015
Pivot’s full suspension cross country bike the Mach 429 just keeps getting better and better. The latest version (Mach29SL) is half a pound lighter and features Shimano Di2 compatibility. But there’s more:

Pivot has dropped over 226g via the use of leading-edge carbon fiber and our proprietary hollow-core, internal-molding process with optimized composite materials and lay-up structure, making the Mach 429SL the lightest, stiffest 29er with the best power transfer available. . . The Pivot Mach 429SL Carbon is only the second fully Di2 integrated mountain bike (the first is Pivot’s Mach 4 Carbon). Featuring our innovative Cable Port System, internal routing is easy to install and maintain with large, easy-to-access ports and interchangeable covers for the cleanest installation of wires, batteries and cables.

We’re not going to argue. For more info (and photos) follow the jump.

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Wacky Bird Complains About Fit Husband

by editors on December 12, 2014

Price Spaven

Jennie Price is a link-baiting writer who has a well shared story in the Daily Mail titled On The Shame of Being Married to a MAMIL (that’s a Middle Aged Man In Lycra). And while she goes over the top repeatedly about how much she’s bothered by her husband spending so much time on the bike, she did kick down a few truths we’re all guity of:

For those fortunate enough to have normal husbands, allow me to elaborate. Being a MAMIL is about much more than squeezing your ample frame into tight lycra. . . This means boring dinner parties into silence with endless chat about bikes, spending long hours of family time out ‘training’, embarrassing your children walking around the house in bib shorts (think a mankini with padding around the nether regions) and paying eye-watering sums for obscure items of kit.

We wonder, would Mrs. Price rather her husband spend his days hefting pints at the local pub and then come home drunk to rub his bloated, sweaty belly all over her sexy red dress? Somehow we doubt it.

[Link: Daily Mail]


Revenge of the Curly Wurly Bars

by editors on December 10, 2014

This makes about as much sense as most cross videos. But yeah, Chris Akrigg is pretty good on a bike and could probably do just as well on a kid’s bike with training wheels. There, we just put it out for his next challenge. Training wheel cross? You listening Mr. Akrigg?

[Link via Vital MTB]


Roll All Day With Perfect Bar

by editors on December 10, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 3.03.54 PM
While some soft drink companies may want you to think differently, all athletes know that you’re only as good as the food you put in your body. Next time you head out for an all-day roll, try slipping a Perfect Bar in your pocket. The all-natural, gluten free, and non-GMO snack bars are loaded with good stuff without a single bit of refined sugar. It’s a difference you’ll noticed from the first bite.

The bars are available in seven flavors including: lite cranberry crunch, lite almond acai, carob chip, fruit and nut, peanut butter, almond butter, and vegan almond coconut. And, while each has a slightly different flavor profile with the exception of the lite flavors, all of them pack in about 300 calories. The aforementioned lite cranberry crunch and lite almond acai use puffed crisp rice to keep the calorie count in the 200 range. In addition, more than twenty superfoods such as kale, spinach, celery and others are hiding inside the bar in a powdered form.

With all that inside, it’d be easy for the bars to taste like a dirty CX racer smells, but luckily they don’t. Instead, the bars taste like fresh peanut butter or almond butter mixed with a little honey and milk—because aside from all those ground up superfoods that’s basically what they are. Though we would have liked to see one or two flavors of the bars sporting a influx of oats for a slower-release of carbohydrates on a sustained effort, for the most part the Perfect Bar really was just that. Sure they seem simple, but after a few weeks of eating a Perfect Bar for lunch you’ll be hard pressed to go back to any pre-packaged energy bar that you’ve eaten in the past. You can find them online for about $20 for a box of 8 (or 20 bite-sized minis) at or in the refrigerated aisle of your local health food grocer (and occasionally even Costco).

[Link: Perfect Bar]

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People For Bikes Reaches 1 Million Mark

by editors on December 4, 2014


National bicycling organization PeopleForBikes set out in March 2010 to unite one million voices in support of a better future for biking. Today PeopleForBikes achieved this milestone—one million Americans have joined the movement to making riding better for everyone.

“Today is a historic day for PeopleForBikes. We are proud to have one million individuals standing behind our vision and goals,” said President of PeopleForBikes, Tim Blumenthal. “We would like to thank everyone who has showed their support for better bicycling. We plan to keep growing!” . . . PeopleForBikes believes that people, wherever they live, should be able to bike safely and comfortably and enjoy the many benefits of bicycling—for health, recreation, the economy, the environment, community and sustainability. PeopleForBikes focuses its efforts to improve bicycling through its Green Lane Project, political work, community grants, national partnerships, and by providing bicycling statistics and resources for use by all stakeholders.

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Chris Horner Now Shopping At Safeway

by editors on December 2, 2014

chris-hornerChris Horner, 2013 Vuleta a Espana champion who didn’t get to defend his title while with team Lampre-Meridal, thanks to some technical issues as a result of his nearly being killed by a hit-and-run driver last spring, has signed with the United States registered Airgas-Safeway Cycling Team.

“I am very excited to be joining Airgas-Safeway for 2015,” said Horner. “I have achieved a huge amount of success in my career and I’m incredibly proud of that.  For me, the next chapter isn’t just about what I can do as an individual, but what I can give back to cycling as a sport. I had a number of options for this year and what really struck me about Airgas-Safeway was their utter commitment to giving the next generation of young riders the opportunity for success.”

Hopefully, this means we’ll see him around more often. For the official word from Airgas-Safeway, please follow the jump.
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Felt F65X, F85X Cyclocross Bikes Recalled

by editors on December 2, 2014



That first round of Felt F65X and F85x cyclocross bikes that have been on sale since June 2014 have some frame issues it appears. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission says the frames on these aluminum bikes could break causing the rider to “lose control, fall and suffer injuries.” Felt describes the bike as:

The F65X is cyclo-cross ready but can do double duty for those rainy commute days. The Superlight Custom butted 7005 aluminum and a BB30 bottom bracket keep the bike light. The F65X is ready to jump the barriers, ride in the dirt, or tackle the urban commute.

Apparently that “superlight” frame was a little too light. The CPSC says “consumers should immediately stop using the recalled bicycles and contact their local Felt Bicycles dealer for a free inspection and frame replacement.” So far no injuries have been reported.

[Link: CPSC]